House System

What is the House System and why are we implementing it at MVES?

The house system is a part of our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS).
Houses create a community, increase attendance, reward positive behavior, and recognize academic achievement.
There are five houses in which students are randomly placed.  Houses consist of students in grades K-5 and also have various teachers and other Montvale staff members in each house. Once a student selects a house they are a member of that house for their entire time here at Montvale.
As you enter our school, you might have observed our banners in the front foyer. Each house is given a Latin name. Houses are known by their Latin names ...but there is also an English translation. Houses are assigned a color and an animal as representation.

The five houses are:

Animo - Courage - Red

Curiositas - Curiosity - Yellow

Ducis - Leadership - Purple

Fide - Loyalty - Light Blue

 Quantum - Respect - Green